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All Doctors Should Watch This – At Least Twice, if not More…

Just watched a recent lecture by Prof. Ken Sikaris, which brought me down memory lane to my time preparing the Cholesterol Conundrum seminar.

Ken has the core of the issue down pat, and in this performance manages to summarize the key aspects most admirably. No doctor should be assessing and advising on cardiac risk without internalizing this content – period.

I think that the layperson should be able to follow it reasonably well also, and hopefully realize how fundamentally important Low-Carb High-Fat living is for longevity, and how farcical is the nature of the disastrous “food pyramid”:

If you haven’t seen it, and have a little more time to absorb the mortality data and details of Low-Carb studies, below is the full Cholesterol Conundrum:

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