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Ep128 A Pioneer Group in Heart Attack Prevention – Leadership Time!

I’ve been supporting a fantastic new heart attack prevention endeavor led by Mark Felstead in Germany – but it’s international as you will see. Find the team here and check them out! NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can

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One of the most fascinating videos on the “WHY” of Coronavirus Hysteria

Revealing talk on one major reason WHY science died in early 2020 – certainly one to share and open up the discussion:—Uncovering-the-Corona-Narrative—Aug-2021:8   Download the video for upload/sharing all platforms: FULL PDF TRANSCRIPT HERE:  Uncovering the Corona Narrative by Ernst_Wolff.pdf

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Viral Reality Check: What’s going on, but with real logic and science

Quick update on the evolving irrationality of our viral issue – couple of links below that were mentioned – DOWNLOAD IT HERE to share across platforms: Revealing talk on one major reason WHY science died in early 2020:—Uncovering-the-Corona-Narrative—Aug-2021:8   FULL PDF TRANSCRIPT HERE:  Uncovering the Corona Narrative by Ernst_Wolff.pdf Also our “Covid Chronicles” movie

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The Scientific Truth about Meat in Health and Climate - Share Time

The Scientific Truth about Meat in Health and Climate – Share Time!

Utterly brilliant talk, short and science-packed. As we face the next onslaught of anti-meat corruption, this could really help with getting the reality out to the public. You can support Brian in the links provided here: On the Organ Ultra offer, full links below – don’t forget “IVOR15” for the 15% discount, and welcome

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Ep127: A Statin Free Life Revealed – with Dr. Aseem Malhotra!

Caught up with Aseem in London and we riffed on the realities of statins, versus fixing the root causes 🙂  His new book here is perfect for the layperson and doctors too – clears it all up! Available now on Amazon and many other sources: On the GG front, links below to take advantage

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Ivor Cummins Interviewed on Mainstream Galway Bay FM Radio – a Sizzler!!!

Hey guys we finally hit mainstream, and talked HARD DATA and Real Science – here video version has SLIDES! – this is mainstream broadcasting authority radio – so no censorship, just open scientific discussion – free society stuff. (link to show episode: ) Please go to the Panel Discussion right here: DOWNLOAD VIDEO

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Ep. 126 - NAD+ and NR for Energy and Anti-Aging

Ep. 126: NAD+ and NR for Energy and Anti Aging!

Great conversation with my NZ pal Warren Matthews on a new way to enhance energy levels and slow aging – it’s getting more and more press in recent years. It involves NAD+, the crucial component in our physiology that declines hugely with age, along with increasing DNA damage. Here we go through the basics and

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Ep124: Question Everything: A FREE Summit – all Scientific People Should Attend!

Don’t miss this free online summit – our future depends on leadership like this! REGISTER NOW HERE:  – help to support this noble endeavor here: Top Tip – subscribe to my Odysee for Uncensored Science: (join up and then “follow” my channel) Audio Podcast here: NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound

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Now you can do YOUR Part in Helping to Save Our Society

Now YOU can do YOUR Part in Helping to Save Our Society!

A group of patriotic professionals has completed a large print run of this data-filled leaflet – they are now delivering door-to-door across Ireland. All of you people out there who feel helpless against the absurd medical tyranny we find ourselves in, can now personally do something about it. Simply download the PDF below, print out

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EXCELLENT Presentation by Professor John Ioannidis – Covid Reality Revealed!

The most cited scientist of all time, pretty much. A brilliant mind. MD, and professor of epidemiology, public health and evidence-based medicine. My edited version cut down from his 2 hour lecture. And he lays this one bare – don’t miss it! Original LONG version: NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing

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Is this the Most Important Viral Reality Video, You Will Ever See?

Genuine question – is it, do you think? And I only use freely-available government data here. So is it? The source article for the Sweden Data: Please share as widely as possible – you can download the compressed video here, to upload anywhere: NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing  / video/sound editing and

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Ep119: STATE OF FEAR! How the Government used Science of Psychology to Delude Us

Myself and Laura Dodsworth discuss her new book: “STATE OF FEAR – How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic.” A superb read explaining how the Government used the science of psychology to delude us into a form of mass psychosis. Learn how to innoculate yourself against these totalitarian methods! The book:

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Ep119: Brian Lenzkes MD: Dissecting the Viral Issue – Philosophically and Scientifically!

The Super-Smart Brian Lenzkes MD had me on his excellent “Life’s Best Medicine” Podcast – please subscribe here: Brian wanted to explore the WHOLE Covid phenomenon – including the psychological and philosophical forces; so not just the science. We cover the gamut – no holds barred!  AUDIO PODCAST HERE: NOTE: My extensive research

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