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2012 Heart Disease Statistics – Interesting Snippits

Just perusing the BHF report from 2012; this is not an analysis, I don’t have the time or the energy especially as the dataset is limited in ways – this is just a bit of Saturday night fun with figures:

From the 1980’s until recently, the rate of smoking (a major driver of coronary disease) has collapsed somewhat, which should mean far lower rates of CVD, right?

So let’s take a look :

Mmmnn, how can the rates be increasing, when the smoking has reduced hugely in the period?  Odd that. Maybe there aren’t enough prescriptions being written to help lower the rates? Let’s see now:

Wow! Looks like the pharmaceutical vector has been deployed with an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach – but with little effect. Maybe we need even more chemicals, maybe that will do the trick – although it appears that the pills are on their way to becoming a major new food group!  Ok, so smoking’s way down, and meds are through the roof – let’s see what else is making the disease process persist – the report doesn’t properly reflect sugar/HFCS data, which is a pity as we know that is a major driver of CVD, but they do have some trends on Fats:

Oops – looks like we dropped the healthy, evolutionary appropriate animal fats, in favour of the industrially produced machine lubricants known as vegetable oils – w6 imbalance anyone?  Well then, what about the natural fats in whole milk – how have they fared?:

Doh!  Ah well, stupid is as stupid does I guess – I’ve heard of skimmed milk being referred to as the Devil’s urine, and I concur with that sentiment. OK, let’s look at the other source of hardcore Fructose, the concentrated Fruit Juices, straight down the portal vein to the liver, where we can start generating those Triglyceride-rich VLDL, with the old Hepatic Lipase jacking up our Small Dense LDL subfraction:

Damn, that wasn’t a good idea, was it?  Oh well, if we’re going to flail around and miss the root cause targets so badly, guess we’d better be upping the retrospective corrective action  – if you can’t fix the cause, just manage the effect:

And to think a “No Sugar/Wheat, Low Carb, No Veg Oils, High Healthy Fats, and Manage your Vitamin D/K/A status” message could have transformed the situation – ah well, there’s time yet…..

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