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Another one for all Docs to hear: Dr. Ted Naiman with Jimmy Moore

What a conversation; really gets to the “heart” of the matter.  Listening to Ted’s clear pattern recognition and instinctive drive to the root cause of a complex issue, focusing always on the data, researching avidly, and capturing the technical inferences from the empirical observations, all the while free from inappropriate bias – bloody hell, you’d almost think he was an engineer. Well actually he was – trained as an engineer firstly, then became a doctor – what a powerful combination; and 100k patients later, he’s honed his hypotheses to razor sharpness – fit to cut through the anti-science BS that we’ve all suffered for the past 5 decades. Of course you don’t have to have eng background to go against the orthodox grain and work it all out (witness Jeffry Gerber and the growing number of MD’s helping people with LC preventative “medicine”), but it sure helps!

One key point is that Ted recognized and focused on way back was the critical importance of the Trig/HDL ratio , which is one of the most powerful indicators of healthfullness, and he rightly discounts the prognostic value of Total Cholesterol and LDL-C (utterly confounded metrics). Bang on. I won’t summarize here, please do listen to the rest – fantastic chat, technically rock-solid and hugely insightful without being “nerdy”. Also he calls out Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Richard K Bernstein, another two pioneering voices of reason from decades back, with engineering backgrounds too. Oh, and he calls out little ‘ol me too, but my absolute absence of bias means that this latter fact has had no influence on the effusive tone of this post……check him out, see his links below also, he’s the real deal:

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