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Briefly revisiting the Sugar Bogeyman – and a snippit on that nasty wheat

Instructive video on the habit-forming nature of sugar via dopamine receptors – short and……….sweet. Worth remembering that refined wheat grains (loaded with glucose) can have similar effects depending on one’s makeup – and with their gliadin, WGA, gluten and other nasty proteins never intended for humans, they’ll undermine your gut health also….

…and it’s not just coeliacs who are exposed to issues with wheat, just in case you believe that old myth – the coeliacs are just the canary in the coalmine: “The data obtained in this pilot study support the hypothesis that gluten elicits its harmful effect, throughout an IL15 innate immune response, on ALL the individuals. This innate response is found in both patients with and without Coeliac Disease (CD), although the triggering of an adaptive response is CD specific”

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