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ALL Atherosclerosis Theoriticians Should Peruse This

Is Vladimir incorrect? Surely he must be, in spite of his apparent erudition in the sphere? ALL of the masses can’t be wrong, right?

Oh wait – they were wrong about Fat. And Dietary Cholesterol. And Sugar. And Salt. And Vegetable Oil. And Trans-Fats. And the relevance of Total Serum Cholesterol. And LDL-C. And smoking, way back. So I guess Vladimir could possibly be……………correct?

Let the experts reply with clearly articulated facts that counter this Hypothesis, and get us back on the right track. Some have suggested “Who cares how the LDL’s get in?”  Now that attitude, most decidedly, will never progress science. Click his name below for one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in some time – I love alternative hypotheses, me – they are the lifeblood of the scientific method:

Vladimir – A most fascinating paper on the Root Cause of Atherosclerosis

If this Hypothesis is indeed correct, then the Primary Root Cause of Atherosclerosis is initially expansion of the DIT through insult followed by Neovascularization, and the Primary Solution would be to attenuate this process. And when the Primary Root Cause is properly internalized, amazing progress can occur on the solution side. So in short, this is in a way, a $1M question all in itself:

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