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Vitamin (Well, Critical Hormone) D and CVD/All Cause Death

Getting back to finishing my 25(OH)D Seminar material, after a busy week or two working, and the evenings being eaten up with a foray back into the Cholesterol Shenanigan Space.  Just a single-slide taster below of things to come; yes, these mortality curves do look as severe as the ones for smokers versus non-smokers, don’t they? Wouldn’t want to be in Quartile 1. Or 2 for that matter. Hell I wouldn’t tolerate being in quartile 3

  25(OH)D is a rather ancient and fundamental pre-hormone (it translates to the active Hormone 1,25(OH)2D), which enabled us to evolve beyond the primordial seas, and can transcript your DNA on demand in so many important ways – it’s responsible for so much more than bone health. Did you know that most of your bodies cells have Vit D Receptors? And that it is estimated to act on up to 5% of your genome (that’s a hell of a lot btw)?  And that ~70% of the US population is insufficient in this critical agent?

  Well, I’ll be releasing the seminar in early December, so you’ll get to sit back with the popcorn, and be amazed at how underappreciated it has been – before running out into the sun to make some D for yourself !

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