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CVD. It’s the Insulin, Stupid. All the way from 1991. Mondo Bizarro..

Insulin, Insulin, Insulin…..a billion years of faithful service, but a Rosetta Stone of modern disease…..

This Study was published back in 1991, but its first line indicates the phenomenon was well known since 1970. How on earth has decades of mono-focus cholesterol obsession been maintained, with the Insulin Elephant stomping around the room bellowing in pain?  What did they do with these studies way back then – convert them into 2-ply roll form, and hang them in the research department latrines?  (example below). Gary Taubes GCBC is an excellent work, but why was it necessary, and still ignored? Questions, questions questions – what the hell was the research world thinking for the past 4 decades?

Hyperinsulinemia, sex, and risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

“CONCLUSIONS: Therefore, hyperinsulinemia was associated with excess CVD risk in men but not in women, and all excess CVD risk in men was confined to hyperinsulinemic individuals in the presence of glucose intolerance, obesity, or hypertension”. (Circulation 1991;84:1165-1175)

And also, why do don’t some of the LDLc-Obsessed studies of CAD peeps (red histogram below versus the population in green btw) even reference Insulin, which would at least let the Elephant express its torment? Why indeed.

See for the LDL absurdity – we live in a carb-driven hyperinsulinemic CAD world, where the orthodox logic gets turned upside-down.


Paper for the CAD presenting group (n>130,000) :

Data for population LDL-C levels:

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