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MUST WATCH: CAC (Coronary Artery Calcification) Test – Excellent Documentary

My attention has been drawn of late to an Irish Charity that is blazing the way in effective identification of GENUINE at-risk people for CVD. They have produced a most excellent documentary, and ignited my interest in the diagnostic sphere:

I have generally focused on the root cause aspects of CVD, as being the most fascinating and addressable aspect, but I am always open to informed influence.  The instigator of both the documentary and the charity itself, David Bobbett, is a most impressive individual who is possessed of an extraordinary altruistic zeal – and he’s on track to change the orthodox approach to Coronary Vascular Disease identification and prevention. Oh, and he’s Irish too, which is a major positive factor – but I may be a trifle biased in this regard. And, ahem, Carb restriction although not discussed in the documentary, is a cornerstone of the solution – how could it not be, given the correct science emerging?

 I can’t recommend this documentary highly enough, and will be exploring this diagnostic aspect of the CVD arena in the near future. There is a full feature-length documentary film on the way, which has won the coveted Mass Impact Award at the 2014 Boston Film Festival.

See the trailer here:

CAC: the test with the desperately needed specificity has been around for more than 20 years – but now, its time has arrived…..

(The Charity Website – a great resource: )



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