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Getting Serially Poked about Statins – Some Balanced Thoughts Below

Aggghhh – new resolution: I’m exempting myself from the statin wars – I’m claiming neutrality! My opinion can be summarized thus:

Statins etc are very effective in secondary treatment (e.g. in the recent IMPROVE-IT trial you have a large group of profoundly diseased people – a very “special” group – high CRP also) – here we have people who are inflamed and have extensive and systemic arterial and other damage, mostly from a lifetime of high sugar/carb, high w6/w3, low 25(OH)D, smoking, etc – all the environmental insults that destroy your machine, a highly variable outcome depending on your genetic resilience. Also there will be a minority of people in there with genuine genetic issues like Lp(a) tendency etc.

Now, “Cholesterol” would have also synergistically worked hand-in-hand with the milieu of arterial insults during these peeps descent into generally high-Insulin dysfunction over decades: more sterol vessels (ApoB), more substrate – and more sterol contents oxidized and oxidizing in the arterial wall, when the latter is falling apart. So, when you have messed up your system, lowering the “cholesterol” will mitigate the issue somewhat – you are addressing a factor with meds that now is relevant in the sad circumstances, and you will get the associated benefit – this is ok, but a pity to have to resort to – but s^*t happens, and it’s the only option given the current reality.

Note also that the statins have pleotropic, ameliorating affects that contribute to the mitigation . A rather different topic is primary prevention with statins – here the data is more hazy, and the direction it’s going, with medication for most 50+ year olds, is a staggering failure of preventative nutrition. Problem is, until you align on, and actually convince people of the REAL primary causes of Atherosclerosis (diagram attached, only rev A but you get the idea), they have no chance of being successful – it is an unqualified mess at the moment in this arena. Can we blame the people themselves for ending up in an arterial mess, and requiring chemical band-aids to calm the fire within them? Well I would suggest not, when we’ve directed them down the High-Insulin U-Bend for 2 generations, feeding them sugar/carb & w6 in outrageous quantities, with Low-Fat Lunacy and Sun-Fearing Psychopathy stealing away their critical componentry ( 25-OH-D, myriad of Fat-Soluble nutrients etc), thus eating away at their physiology until they are totally rusted up. So I’m steering clear of the statin controversy, and staying focused on elucidating the Root Causes – to help people have a proactive chance !

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