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Important: Carb-Driven sdLDL – Now LOWER LDL Denotes HIGHER Risk – Excellent Papers

I posted recently on the embarrassing fact that Coronary Artery Disease people piling up in the hospitals generally have LOWER LDL values:

This speaks to the farce of LDL (i.e. the common measure) as a diagnostic in today’s world.  The reason that the CAD wards are full of lower LDL people, is that the main driver of CAD is now excessive carb which drives high LDL particle count (i.e. LDL-P), meaning the now associated lower LDL concentration becomes the dominant risk signal. This is a profoundly important thing to understand – and very few of the people in the field seem to have internalized it.  Witness the following excerpt from a very good study, one of the only times that post-release CHD patients were tracked for their LDL level versus mortality (and it wasn’t looked at again, unsurprisingly – it’s too contrary to the current paradigm – need problem-solving types):

Here we see these Cardiac patients in a three year follow-up; as can be seen, the lower LDL people fared far worse in mortality. But it’s not surprising – because the real root cause is driven by small dense LDL and high LDL-P particle number, driven in turn by excessive carbohydrate.

And here is a paper that actually points out that the Emperor is fat, sweating and very naked:

LDL Lower indicates serious Dysfunction Paper   Excerpt below, note the last two sentences:

And so we have a sorry state of affairs;  LDL used to be a mild risk factor when high, because people with vascular weakness were slightly less well off when there was more cholesterol around to partake in the dysfunction. But now, the vast majority of CAD is driven by excessive carbohydrate, leading to a reversal of the LDL “risk” directionality – now, lower LDL is indicative of a bad situation, as it is tracking with the small dense phenomenon, driven relentlessly by excessive carb. Hence the wards we see full of lower LDL peeps. Now when these people are already messed up, inflamed and their vascular system defenseless, for sure then using meds that drive down their LDL and LDL-P particle count simultaneously  will help a bit – that’s what you see occurring in all the trials – but it’s NOT addressing root cause – it’s more a Band-Aid city. What a bloody mess – and it appears that most researchers and triallists in the field don’t have a clue what’s going on. Pitiful stuff, and it’s the dreadful legacy of decades promoting High Carb Low Fat living (or dying, more like). Can the people working in the field really not see this mechanism staring them in the face – I’ll allow that it has a certain complexity, but really??

Please see my seminar “The Cholesterol Conundrum” to understand the basics:



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