ABSOLUTE MUST-READ PAPERS for Athero-Theoriticians – Fe and Statins

Okay, I’ve been banging on about Serum Ferritin and Iron toxicity w.r.t. Coronary Disease to anyone who’ll listen – and maybe the horses are finally beginning to come in – enjoy:

Iron Control versus Statins for Coronary Disease

“in the youngest quartile at entry there were highly significant reductions in all cause mortality and in combined death plus non-fatal myocardial infarction and stroke in association with iron reduction therapy”  http://Feast Iron Reduction Study

Only caveat is a lot of smokers included in cohorts – not too surprising as the were established PAD peeps; intriguing possibility that this arena applies more dramatically to smokers maybe? Either way you can’t argue the team’s mechanisms or their results – incredible that decades have passed without more studies like this – look at the deluge of near-worthless Fat studies – what a squandering of resources, while Rome burned. Anyway my friends, we move a step closer to the “heart” of the matter – see my last post for more Root Cause fun…..

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