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Many have asked about Lp(a) – More Later, but here’s a Tasty Morsel

Update Nov 23rd: Fascinating further paper from spittinchips this evening – same idea, Low Fat driving oxLDL and Lp(a) :

Update Nov 22nd: Saucy paper from Dr. Patel this morning: Saturated Fat and Lp(a) . Now read the post below, and come back to the latter link(!)

Lp(a) is significantly genetics driven, but interactions with environment, as always, are important too.  As usual, excessive carb is implicated – well it would be, wouldn’t it, being a universally nasty thing – no meaningful exceptions thus far.

This relatively recent paper is an interesting intro to Lp(a) – and shows the demon carb’s influence yet again – excerpts below:

Amusing that comment:- “Low Fat diets are recommended to reduce risk of Coronary Heart Disease, but LFHC [Low Fat High Carb] diets have been shown to introduce a more atherogenic lipoprotein profile in healthy individuals” – you don’t say, do you?  Anyway, after that bit of profound fundamental truth, we see the familiar High Carb dysfunctional milieu that is utterly inseparable from our health crisis today – increased sdLDL, increased plasma TG, and Trig-rich Lipoproteins bound to apo(a) thus adding Lp(a) to the mess; and of course, but of course, we have HDL reducing as it desperately leaches Trig molecules from VLDL’s etc; poor little HDL trying to put out the fires of carbohydrate. This is depressing, so let’s get to the conclusion:

And there we have it, hope you enjoyed your Lp(a) primer, and seeing some old pathogenic friends along the way too.  Last thing, have a look at the overall metrics associated with the High Carb Cohort on the right below – as expected, every marker going in the bad direction, with the master ratio ApoA1/ApoB getting a bloody good kicking. Oh, and considering recent posts, what about old classic LDL concentration then – which direction did IT go, as we descended into High Carb Atherogenic Dyslipidemia-land? Yeah, you got it – IT GOT LOWER. This is one good reason for why the CAD wards are dominated by lower-LDL peeps, and why LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) increases in LDL will keep you out of them…

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