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Prof Volek Has Arrived – Media Finally Conveying his LCHF Science !

Professor Volek has finally been picked up by the media in a proper manner; he has been referenced before, but this article in the mainstream Telegraph is quite good by media standards for LCHF coverage. I featured his earlier study in the Cholesterol Conundrum seminar, as it was an excellent illustration of the biochemical reality re human management of Saturated Fat – but this latest one is a great design, and very provocative

See study details here:

In short, all risk factors improved in the High Sat Fat, versus the High Carb Diet.  The only current caveat is that while practically all people improve everything across the board, a minority of people have an increase in their ApoB particle count.  The solution to this is simple – favor Monounsaturated Fat energy in diet. Also, note that Volek et al included 5 indivduals who went in the counter-current direction, moving from high to low carb, and they saw the opposite effect – thus showing that the increasing carb specifically was driving the negative results.

However, the Jury is decidedly out on whether high ApoB in the context of an ultra-healthy Low Insulin regime is even clinically relevant – no-one has explored this scenario. This is the $1M question, and the data suggests not a problem (including some evidence from Quebec Cardio Study).  Remember that High Carb generally drives everything into the bad place (including ApoB count), and is a primary root cause of the tragedy unfolding in today’s world: Heart Disease, Obesity, Type2 Diabetes, “Type3” Diabetes (Alzheimers), and all the other afflictions of modernity. As you would expect in an evolved organism, a bad nutrition factor is deleterious across the board. Roll on the emergence of correct Science in the coming decade.

Sat fat ideal fuel, but only in presence of moderate/low carbohydrate – otherwise you might as well be eating Poly ! 



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