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As Recommended by the (Genuine) Expert in the Field – Another Factor Fixed.

Yes Indeed, I’ve enough data together to know which way the solar wind is blowing, and have made a purchase towards evolutionary health; it doesn’t mean you don’t need LCHF – you do; it doesn’t mean you consume vegetable oils and push up your w6/w3 – you don’t; but it does mean that you move a further step away from the diseases of modernity, by executing on the science. As recommended by the Father of 25(OH)D: Prof. Michael Holick, Endocrinologist and Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics (currently director at Boston University Medical Center). And no, I’m not getting a cut for advocating this – no unethical honorariums for me!

Note: it is a little known fact that if you use D3 supplements to achieve a given blood level of 25(OH)D, it will drop much faster than if you achieved that level via natural sun exposure. There is a biochemical synergy at play, orders of magnitude more nuanced than that conveyed by the simplistic junk science we’ve suffered for decades.

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