Want to Live Longer? Wake up to the Sun.

Finishing draft for the 25(OH)D awareness seminar, and there’s a lot to cover; found Edward Gorham PhD recently and I like him a lot – because he speaks with expertise to a concept that has interesting implications beyond all of the misleading screeches from the cholesterol obsessives; as pointed out, the majority of the Kholesterol Kops don’t even understand the mechanisms behind the CHD debacle, and how the clichéd “bad cholesterol” actually plays into it. Edward’s talk is not too heavy on technical detail, and will open your eyes to an unfolding disaster over the past 5 decades – it rivals the “fat is bad” disgrace in terms of incorrectness, if not scale.  Yet again, evolutionary design looks down with contempt at 20th century human hubris – not too surprising, given what we’ve witnessed in other areas, right? Anyway, I like this guy, and I really enjoyed his informed and revealing talk on the science – I hope you do too. See at end one of the studies I dug out – what a mess.

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