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Atherosclerosis, Revascularisation and Vitamin D Interactions – a Sample

I like the alternative neovascularization theory of atherosclerosis “Athero-Neovasc-Paper“, although in fairness I believe that atheroma, though generally involving neovascularization, have been found showing without, so black swans in there too 🙂

A referenced paper I found interesting is “1958 Lipid keratopathy and atheroma” (all the way from 1958) – it shows a clear precedence for the mechanism of revascularization-induced deleterious cholesterol entry, albeit the cornea rather than the Intima. I like the way they draw a mechanistic analogy though – has history proven this comparison incorrect, or not? If valid, I have attached a companion piece that shows a potential link with Vit D via this vector…”Retinal Revascularisation and Calcitriol

Another another couple of thought-provoking papers concerning D’s influence in the atherosclerotic milieu….”Relation of Vitamin D Deficiency to Cardiovascular Risk Factors” and “Vit D and Athero



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