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All Doctors: Especially from 42min Onwards, A Vitamin D Lecture That Is Crucial

Right, the “D is for Debacle” Seminar releases next week, and I found this Lecture from Dr. Bruce Hollis barely in time to include its incredible insights – 42min onwards is edge-of-seat stuff.

This is very important. Ideally watch throughout, but particularly from 42min onwards. It will explain why breast milk is no longer fit for use in the modern population, and why we have broken with evolution and need to give babies vitamin D supplements directly.

And it’s made all my work over the past 6 months worthwhile – Thank you Bruce.

His paper on the critical mechanism that proves that the evolutionary theory is correct, and that modern women are indeed inappropriately low in serum D3 in todays Sun-terrified world,  thus leading to the absurdity that their breast milk no longer “fit for purpose” to deliver D to the infant (even though it is fine in ALL other nutritional respects, that don’t depend on sunlight…):

Critical Paper on Reality of Modern Female D Deficiency, Leading to Deficient Breast Milk Status for Offspring

Bravo Bruce – good on ya.

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