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Vegetable Oil Anyone? The Omega 6 excess…

I’ll follow up later but here’s an interesting snippit that speaks to the Human Tissue w6 %observed in various populations, versus Coronary Heart Disease incidence.  OK, it is but a correlation, not necessarily causation.  But it’s a very strong correlation. A very, very strong correlation.  Much stronger than many other correlations that have directed the course of medical and nutrition guidelines over the past 40 years, as we’ve seen the Emperor become ever more bloated and revolting.  Maybe this kind of correlation is worth a revisit now, what with the utter shambles that the sat-fat / diet-heart hypothesis has become?

And here’s the change in bodyfat w6 content since the 60’s, as consumption of seed oils has replaced traditional fats:

Anyway, there’s a lot out there on w6:w3.  And more useful than Ancel Keys and his risible rubbish  – what a ruinous road THAT sent us down – so I included a pic below of Yudkins insight viz-a-viz the Fat vs Sugar Correlation with CHD; if only Yudkin was more Machiavellian and ruthless, so many could have been saved…..:

So, let’s put sugar aside as an obvious guilty party in the debacle – what think people about the disproportionate w6 in the western diet, drowning out the w3, and pushing us away from the Japanese scenario? It ends up in yer cellular structure you know, no hiding from it!

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