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DIABETES – A Modern Epidemic – and Debacle….

Just a quick post this evening on an avoidable epidemic of our times, which has reached disgraceful levels, and is proceeding towards unforgivable ones.  Type II Diabetes Mellitus is essentially a disease of Carbohydrate intolerance, driven unsurprisingly by the excessive ingestion of carbohydrate over ones lifetime in today’s unnatural food environment.  Interestingly, it used to be called “Adult Onset Diabetes”, as it was driven by lifetime dietary factors, but now that name has been dropped – because tragically, so many children are getting it now.

When the pancreas’ ability to generate the  excessive Insulin required by the ridiculous modern high-sugar high-carb diet becomes untenable, one enters into pre-diabetes and ultimately the real deal.  We are surrounded by pre-diabetics – they are everywhere. Needless to say, the usual variables apply in determining who actually succumbs to the full-blown disease – in short: the individual’s genetic predisposition towards glucose intolerance, the quantity and nature of the offending carbohydrate ingested, and the degree of insulin sensitivity achieved by vigorous exercise that can offset the disease progression.

  The original solution for this essentially modern disease was sensible and scientifically sound – it was the severe restriction of carbohydrate foodstuffs (obviously), and the provision of personal energy requirements primarily from healthy, natural fats (which cause effectively zero Insulin response).  Sadly, the absurd and non-scientific fear of dietary fats has spancelled this appropriate “engineering-type” solution – leaving us with a treatment regime that is a technical travesty – in short: eat your wholegrain carbs (pure glucose, hyperinsulinemic), and then inject life-shortening and pathogenic Insulin hormone to “manage” your blood sugar after the fact.  This is anti-science worthy of the apostate Ancel Keys, and will be looked upon in future generations as one of the greatest failures of medicine in the 20th century. For reference, see the eminently appropriate advice below, all the way from 1917:

  Full Book:
Full Book:

I don’t have the time to elucidate further on this debacle here, but I’ll add a few more resources for those interested;  firstly, the excellent recent paper from Feinman et al, capturing some of the salient evidence around what is really required for managing and indeed reversing the Diabetes scourge; secondly, a very informative website for the practical application of correct science, and finally, an informative interview with Dr. Jay Wortman, who has most decidedly “walked the walk” on this one…..

1. The Feinman et al Paper (obligatory reading for those affected by TII Diabetes):

2. Practical considerations:

…and 3 – the articulate Jay Wortman:

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