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A Must Watch: The Centrality of the Sun – Holick Hammers the Heliophobes – I’m Lovin’ It ! @CaloriesProper

Right, my D Debacle had a stated weakness that I highlighted – the difficulty of separating D status from healthy Sun exposure; solar exposure is an inextricable part of our evolution as a species, and I’m more and more inclined to think that the Dermatology Society has made an utter arse of this arena; to wax biblical, is it “better that they had never been born” ?

Enjoy one of the best summaries I’ve seen – effectively a free Documentary Feature; Holick has attenuated his speedy style of late, and has developed an accessible approach that articulates sensible science very clearly – great job….

Note: the other aspect I left out of the D Seminar was “reverse causality” – the phenomenon where the disease drives the suspect factor lower, rather than the lower factor driving all the disease; in retrospect I should have highlighted this – there is some evidence that afflictions can drive down D status – but the message that healthy sun exposure and Vitamin D are necessary for health does not diminish significantly…….

………and Bill Lagakos, I think you’ll enjoy this one!

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