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#LCHF #Diabetes The Fat Emperor presents: Dr. Verner Wheelock at Trinity College

Had the opportunity to meet up with Verner in August and discuss some of the bad science that informs our health ‘experts’, and in turn trickles down to the population at large. Verner runs an excellent website/blog that translates much of this science andevidence into an accurate form that the average person can benefit from:

Verner has had a long career in health science, with much exposure to the vagaries of our corrupt research systems. Please help support future material by subscribing (free of course) at:

Dr. Wheelock’s brief CV here:

BSc (Chemistry – First Class Honours), Queen’s University of Belfast
B Agr (Agricultural Chemistry – First Class Honours), Queen’s University of Belfast
PhD (Physiological Chemistry), University of Reading
Managing Director of Verner Wheelock Associates Ltd. consultants in food policy.
Head of the Food Policy Research Unit in the University of Bradford,
Special Professor in Food Science at the University of Nottingham.
Has written over 100 scientific papers dealing with the physiology of milk secretion, chemistry of milk proteins, nutrition and health, food legislation and food policy.


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