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‘Smash it Out’ for Sam Feltham – explaining the ethics of meat consumption !!

I was lucky to capture Sam Feltham’s rousing talk at the Health Unplugged event in London last weekend, where he covered some interesting data around meat-eating. Entitled ‘Environmental and Ethical Issues Surrounding Meat’, it will perhaps be provocative to vegetarian types – the reality may not be what you guys currently think! In any case, this mind-opening discussion will counteract some of the current quasi-religious dogma.

Find Sam at , and support Darryl Edwards ( ) who organised the super ‘Health Unplugged’ Paleo conference recently in London:

Enjoy his passionate delivery below, on a rather meaty subject:

Note: Sam has made the slides available at: 

…this and many other great talks at the ‘Health Unplugged 2015’ Paleo event – and we got to meet Sam in person at last…!

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