DIABETICS and DOCTORS MUST-SEE: The Clarifying Genius of Dr. Jason Fung

UPDATE 28th Feb: Jason has two more recent talks that mirror his excellent presentations at Karen Thomson and Tim Noake’s incredible Low Carb Summit in Cape Town:


Until all the excellent talks from the recent OM Health Low Carb Summit in Cape Town are released, these talks from 2013 cover the insulin/drug/mechanistic realities of T2 Diabetes, and the fasting and Low Carb fixes.

The following also is a must-watch primer for all doctors who treat T2 Diabetics, but are not quite ready to face up to LCHF. The alternative to fasting is of course to deploy healthy LCHF – but as we know, most doctors and dietician’s minds are closed like a steel trap to the correct evolutionary solution. Rome wasn’t built in a day ( but wheat certainly contributed to its downfall ! )

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