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The Widowmaker Movie Releases today on ITunes – Excellent Reviews #CHD #CT #CAC


Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of seeing a preview showing of this revealing movie; it tracks the history of two technologies, and shows how the money dictates the method. On the one hand we have Coronary Stenting, which although proven in trials to be an ineffective treatment in the majority of individuals, is dizzyingly profitable; thus it has been driven relentlessly for decades, Ker-Ching. On the other hand, we have CT scanning, an incredibly accurate test for identifying the disease itself where other methods fail; widespread use of this could save countless lives, but it has been shunned by the cardiology community for decades. No money in prevention you see – so it was only obligatory for US Presidents and Astronauts (these are important people, you understand, worthy of saving). Key reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, Ebert, LA Times, NY Times:

This is a great and hugely important movie. Although it doesn’t mention dietary solutions specifically (can only cover so much), I am connected to the makers of the work – and LCHF is front and center of the treatment protocol that is needed when the CT Calcium score shows your arteries are running hot. Screw the Framingham Risk factors – most sudden heart attacks occur in the fuzzy ‘middle risk’ group. The same statistically noisy risk factors can be present, but you may be ablaze inside – or alternatively your arteries could be nice and cool. Atherosclerosis, the vascular fire that can take you down in your prime…. do you have it bad?

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