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It’s the Insulin, Stupid. Again. And Again. How Obtuse can People Be? #LCHF2015

Oh here we go again; I’ll never tire of reminding people that Insulin sits at the center of Heart Disease risk, and most other modern afflictions also.

Here are a couple of great papers – the first deals with C-Peptide levels and the Mortality Reality (for ‘C-Peptide’ read ‘Insulin’). The second also deals with C-Peptide, and crosses it with our old friend HDLc; one reason why higher HDLc is good for you, is it tracks with LOW C-Peptide). Of course if you have lower HDLc, but also LOW C-Peptide, that can be cool too – work it out peeps:

The takeaway? Insulin levels as denoted by C-Peptide rule the roost of modern disease – and until these are tackled and lowered, we’re beating around the bush with silly cholesterol surrogates. LCHF anyone? Mmmnn yeah.

Excerpt 1:  From the first paper, Green line shows the horrendous mortality implications of having higher C-Peptide (even while still retaining ok glycemic control for this ‘Group 2’):

Excerpt 2: And from the second paper here’s one reason why HDLc being lower is such a predictor of death – it goes hand-in-hand with HIGH C-Peptide levels:

What’s wrong with researchers in the Heart Disease arena – do they need their noses rubbed in the Insulin mess like puppies? Root Cause analysis house-training – that’s what’s needed.

I give up – not  🙂

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