Mexican Wave…Bye Bye to Cholesterol, but Hello to Blood Glucose and HbA1c #LCHF2015

Nice recent paper looking at Mexican’s with CIMT – shows what’s really important for atherosclerotic Disease development. Yep, it’s the Blood Sugar baby – with it’s evil and highly connected twin – high Blood Pressure. The Kholesterol Kops keep running around in their surrogate circles – but we in the LCHF community know the dominant root causes; the hilarious thing is that the blood sugar mess in turn, causes most of the dyslipidemia – what a farce 🙂

Link to the paper in question:

High Prevalence of Subclinical Atherosclerosis by CIMT with Mexicans

The salient excerpt (really important factors highlighted in red as usual – note the non significant (NS) Lipids here):

And the Framingham Factor prediction? Yawn – kinda rubbish as usual – because they ain’t focusing enough on the blood sugar ! :

Finally – why is obesity poorly connected to bad outcomes? Because it ain’t the obesity per se – it’s the metabolic disruption caused by the carby crap ! :

Watch that Carb peeps, and a lot of other things will fall into line !



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