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Metabolic Syndrome Madness – the Rats Reveal ! #LCHF2015

Just writing here about Metabolic Syndrome, that cornerstone of Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Heart Disease in the modern population; while doing so, I came across and old reference from an early seminar I gave on Met Syn. Thought this paper was worth a re-post, as it was the best recipe for rapid descent into met syn that I’d come across 🙂 Note: I don’t care a whole lot for rat studies – generally they use them to obfuscate, by taking fat-sensitive rat strains and feeding them with toxic vegetable oils to make misleading points, but this one is amusing).

All our pathogenic pals are here in the fructose-frazzled rats: elevated Blood Pressure, elevated Blood Glucose, elevated Insulin and Trigs, and that semi-relevant LDL/Chol stuff. But while driving the poor rats into profound Met Syn in only 8 weeks, they couldn’t get that pesky HDL to drop – irksome or what? Then they hit the mother lode – swapping whole wheat for refined wheat flour shot their HDL all to s^”t !  As an added bonus, they MS’d their asses in only 4 weeks, rather than the previous 8 – now that’s what I call a result ! (Sure, they use large amounts to make the point, but what if you fed them 70% of a healthy sat/w3/mono fat mix blended with above-ground non-starchy vegetables and some Holegrains even? Would that scary, arteryclogging fat-fest give them explosive MS in a few weeks?)

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