Mipomerson collapses #Cholesterol, but cardiac events if anything worse? Ooops.

June 13th 2015 Update – listen to this guy before reading post (grey-bearded guy in vid on right hand side of page: “Strong reduction CV events in FH patients with ApoB-inhibitor”):  http://linkis.com/www.pace-cme.org/d/1/G6zQW

Original Post:  Interesting little study here on Mipomerson drug, useful to drive down cholesterol mercilessly in statin-resistant hypercholesterolemia peeps. And it does, even drives down the much-maligned ApoB !  But there’s a problem – what if you hammer ApoB into the ground, and your cardiac events don’t change, if anything worsen if you look at broad search and include negative cardiac side effects ? Ooops. Remember, ApoB is just an associative risk factor after all – Insulin is far more important 😉 . The paper summary:

Mipomerson Mess

Excerpt of cholesterol huge reductions:

And the result:

And some side-effect fun:


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