Emperor Special: 'RUN ON FAT' Irish Movie Screening, Insulin & Diabetes Primer talk – and post-movie Q&A !

Delighted on Friday to screen Donal O’Neill’s excellent new movie: ‘Cereal Killers 2: Run on Fat’ to a large audience; this is a highly informative and entertaining run through the benefits of high fat diets – for long term health, and for elite athletic performance. We had a great reception to the movie, and good Q&A session afterwards. Content of this particular video is:

00:00:0000:04:42 Brief overview of the recent, spectacularly successful Low-Carb Summit in Cape Town (https://www.lowcarbhighfatexperts.com/)
00:04:4300:16:45 A 10 minute primer on the dangers of high carb dietary guidelines, using the example of the Diabetes epidemic – thanks to Dr. Jason Fung for the use of some of his material 🙂
00:16:46 A 30 minute Q&A session with a technically astute audience directly following the ‘Run on Fat screening – they loved the film, and maybe even my dulcet tones on the science behind it !

Yours in LCHF health

Link to ‘Run on Fat’ :  http://www.runonfatmovie.com/

Link to Low Carb Summit:  https://www.lowcarbhighfatexperts.com/

Dr. Jason Fung’s excellent talk on Diabetes:  https://www.lowcarbhighfatexperts.com/

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