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Excellent: The Ultimate Guide to #Insulin Control (Carb and Protein connection!)

From Marty Kendall comes a stunning document that will help all to manage their Insulin levels. Carb is the major provoker, but keep an eye on yer protein too. As always, Fat is the king of energy sources, the cleanest burning fuel for humankind – once you keep the demon carb under control that is. I will be using this as my go-to reference on the subject, and you should too!

How has Marty managed to produce such an excellent document we wonder? Well, the fact that he’s an engineer “associates” with the standard of insight achieved. And in this case the relationship is causal too! Direct download of pdf below:

Optimizing Nutrition Managing Insulin

Or via Marty’s site below – make sure to check out all the other content:

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