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Denvers Diet Doctor and colleagues Premiere the Widowmaker Movie

Delighted to see my good friend and accomplice in LCHF is taking the lead again – between helping so many achieve good health in his booming practice, facilitating and giving great talks, running a blog, and managing his worldwide network of those best-versed in the science of correct nutrition – where does he find the time?

Well somehow he does – and people should be damn glad of this; his latest venture is to organize venues to show the excellent and revealing Widowmaker Movie. Denizens of Denver – prepare to have your eyes opened!  Remember that it’s not really ‘conspiracy theory’ at all – it’s an expose of plain old greed, which got dressed up as medical science ๐Ÿ™‚

My modified trailer for the movie below, where I’ve added few juicy CAC stats ! :

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