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Epidemiological but true: #CHD is a carbohydrate-driven issue in our age #LCHF2015

Not sure if I circulated this one before, but here we go anyway. Ok, so it focuses on the old glycemic index and load – but it gives a very elegant exposure-response for inflammatory carb and CHD; also, they have corrected for a host of standard confounders, including the classic risk factor milieu. Paper below:

Note the risk profile based on increasing Carby Glycaemic Load in quintiles going to the rightmost, adjusted fully in model 4 at the bottom:

Now the party piece – note the other so-called risk factors in the table below – like fat, lack of fibre and all the other auld malarkey we have to listen to; again the rightmost is where the people have the highest CHD – notice anything?

Well, it looks like a LCHF peeps’ heaven right there: lower saturated fat is worse for CHD, likewise lower Protein, and lower cholesterol. And Lower Alcohol associates with more CHD – hurray! Exercise doesn’t figure really. Yawn. 

I’ll leave you browse the rest….

Yep, it’s the carb baby – the higher octane the carby fuel – the more your pipes burn out.

Keys picked the wrong horse – in spectacular fashion 😉


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