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#CHOLESTEROL Health Scare Update – high Lp(a) ? No Problemo on #LCHF :)

Well I just got my CAC score. Remember my last post where I was pseudo-devastated by a super-high Lp(a) reading? And my LDLc is damn high at ~3.5mmol/L too. We know that the Coronary CT Scan and resulting CAC score blows away all other predictors of Heart Disease, because it sees the actual disease process at work. So what was the CAC score I just received today, after 2 years of hardcore LCHF?


The current approach to heart disease, and lack of widespread CAC Score utilization, is an absolute sham. Beyond Insulin Resistance – and the Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, and myriad diseasess it drives, it is arguable that nothing else really counts for much; including the bizarre decades-long obsession with ‘cholesterol’, increasingly recognized as a mere interactional/associational variable:

What an absolute pantomime the last 50 years have been – have a look again at the power of CAC below – and these were all HIGH RISK people getting treatment; even then, if the CAC score ain’t moving (LHS), you largely ain’t going under the ground. If the CAC is high and increasing (RHS) – you are headed to the bad place (at a shocking speed). Just like you’ll be if you are driving Insulin Resistance – which is arguably the only phenomenon you really need to avoid. And properly-executed LCHF will sort this puppy out for you….

Wait, did I mention Insulin Resistance?  Right.

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