Sometimes the Mice are not blind – #LCHF2015, Low Carb, Ketones and Cancer – @DominicDAgosti2

Just got notified of this study, and only speed-read it; however, it’s from Dominic D’Agostino – so forgive my confirmation bias in posting it straight away 😉

Ketones are produced primarily by restricting carbohydrate in the diet, and they matter.

They matter a lot.

Read below and enjoy – longer disease-free life is possible; through carb restriction and/or Intermittant Fasting. You could, like myself, do both. Or you could even add the ketones through exogenous sources, if you believe that low carb is a problem (right).

D’Agostino Study

“Emerging evidence indicates that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease involving disturbances in energy production through respiration and fermentation.”

Get with the latest science guys….

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