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Fat Emperor Special: Discussion with the Delightful and Learned Dr. Kenneth Brookler

I recently had a fascinating conversation with the inimitable Professor Joseph R Kraft  (Bio here). He connected me to many individuals but the first I have had the pleasure to meet was the Insulin-sensitive Otolaryngologist Dr. Kenneth Brookler. I met Dr. Brookler in Manhattan last week and recorded our conversation – he is a treasure-trove of information on the topic of hyperinsulinemia and much, much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did :-).

If you choose to listen, it would be helpful to review a primer relating to Professor Kraft’s incredible work at:


Professor Kraft characterised the rampant diabetes problem in our society; by performing over 16,000 ‘five-hour glucose tolerance with insulin assay’ tests on patients, he showed that there were multiple response that indicated diabetes was actually present – even when the patients would have exhibited normal fasting glucose and even glucose tolerance test results. In short, he demonstrated that diabetes was far more prevalent than anyone realised – his work was extraordinary and quite frankly unparalleled in medicine. Being a professor of pathology, his 3000+ autopsies on these patients revealed that the vascular phenomenon of atherosclerosis is essentially a vascular diabetic phenomenon; people with advanced atherosclerosis who were not diabetic…were simply not yet diagnosed as diabetic

Dr. Brookler has similarly found that diabeties/hyperinsulinemia underpins the pathology of tinnitus, migraine and other inner-ear phenomena. He gets it, and has so much to say. I hope you enjoy the many insights that he brings to the extraordinarily destructive and ubiquitous scourge of hyperinsulinemia in our society!



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