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The return of Dr. Kenneth Brookler in HD – Enjoy! #LCHF #Insulin #tinnitus #diabetes

Fat Emperor Special: A delightful conversation with Dr. Brookler on tinnitus, inner ear disorders, hyperinsulinemia and the pivotal work of Dr. Joseph Kraft. We also cover some of the many issues around modern research bias, and knowledge gaps in the medical community with respect to chronic disease root cause.  Enjoy, and subscribe for free to for future content, including exclusive interviews with Professor Richard Feinman….and the great Dr. Joseph Kraft himself!


Note: for a primer on the incredible work of Dr. Kraft, see .  Dr. Kraft’s work on the accurate diagnosis of hyperinsulinemia/diabetes has been described as ‘unparalled in medicine’. This is entirely appropriate. He developed the perfect unambiguous test for occult/manifest diabetes in the early 1970’s, transcending the 40 years of advanced testing that has been developed since to indicate the dysfunction. As an expert pathologist, his >3000 personally executed autopsy examinations exposed the extent of diabetic vascular disease, from the kidney right through to all the major and minor vessels. ‘The pathology of diabetes IS the pathology of vascular disease and atherosclerosis’. Those with cardiovascular disease not identified with diabetes….are simply undiagnosed. But undiagnosed they need not be, if you deploy Kraft’s test.

A cohort within the ENT community have the honour of recognising the crucial importance of this work. Dr. Brookler is chief amongst them.

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