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#LCHF Yes, THAT pseudo-LC vs LF Study – why the contrived design?

I haven’t bothered much with the recent controversial study, because a short run-through showed that it was contrived and grossly misleading for real-life inference. So maybe there are some metabolic mechanistic gems to be mined from the coalface, but life’s too short for this – need focus on the big issues…

That said Ted Naiman, George Henderson and others raised a perfect point – even within their ridiculously constrained rules that enabled them to deliver a rather odd selection of macros for a LC vs LF study – was there not a useful combo that could have made the experiment more worthwhile?

A quick fiddle with excel this evening seems to say so, unless the vino has led me astray:

Unless I’m missing something obvious, it looks like they could have met their cunning constraint whilst still producing a compelling compare. They wanted to keep the opposing macros constant, whilst meeting consistent calorie reduction. Why didn’t they pursue the second option above then? If they simply allowed a reasonable time period as well, they may even have delivered something more useful for their few million dollars. Unless of course, they weren’t particularly aiming for ‘something more useful’. 


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