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The Fat Emperor presents…Dr. Jeff Gerber and Dr. Ted Naiman! #diabetes #insulin #LCHF

What if you could meet with two excellent low-carb doctors who understand the crucial importance of insulin and glucose metrics for chronic disease avoidance? What if they had just met and interviewed Dr. Kraft, the father of the insulin assay?

And what if you recorded the discussion on HD media in a rather pleasant Chicago hotel – wouldn’t it be good to share it, so that all could enjoy their excellent discussions? Well yes, I would think so. if you like, please subscribe (free!) for a series of upcoming exclusive interviews:

A revealing discussion on the scourge of hyperinsulinemia that exists in today’s population, driving untold levels of heart disease and much more. Here we focus on the work of Dr. Joseph Kraft, whose work on analysing over 15,000 patients with the ultimate test for diabetic dysfunction: the ‘5 hour glucose tolerance with insulin assay’. Truly he is the father of the Insulin Assay, 95 years old this month and disgracefully unrecognised. Beyond this we cover low carbohydrate for optimal health, and expose some of the massive shortcomings in the modern medical business…


An intro to Kraft’s incredible work (continued by Professor Grant Schofield and Catherine Croft in New Zealand):

..and Dr. Kraft’s book – absolutely required reading:

…some of the studies I referred to during the discussion:


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