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Fat Emperor presents: Professor Richard Feinman…! #LCHF #Diabetes

In early August I had the pleasure of being welcomed by Richard at his home in Brooklyn, NY. He was a most gracious host, and I felt privileged to enjoy a discussion with one of the technical leaders in the movement.  Our conversation centred on something huge and inexorable that will stem the epidemic of ‘diabesity’ in our world; that’s right folks – we were talking about the Second Low Carbohydrate Revolution.

It is finally upon us, riding on a tide of emerging science. And it is long, long overdue. Here is the first segment of our conversation, with the final part soon to follow…

His timely book that helps explain the biochemistry and clear up decades of confusion:

The landmark carbohydrate and diabetes paper here:

 ‘dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management’

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