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Kraft Konfirmed – the bizarre (but expected) result of the EUROSPIRE IV Study

See below slide from a recent seminar I did ( ). They took 4004 people with established coronary heart disease from ages 18 to 80 from across 24 European countries. BUT ONLY AFTER THEY SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED ANYONE WITH DIABETES. Then they checked their blood sugars, and hey presto 29% were frankly diabetic – and 66% in total were diabetic/prediabetic by the ineffective glucose measures. They should have used Kraft’s Insulin assay, and they would have found that most of the remaining 34% would fail.

As Kraft said: “those with cardiovascular disease not identified with diabetes…are simply undiagnosed.” Again, the whole thing is a grisly farce. They play around like idiots with ‘cholesterol’ tests, and focus on everything but the primary driver of the disease….

See the Kraft interview here:

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