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#cardiovascular disease: We lowered our smoking, and increased our hyperinsulinemia

Important inferences from this 2015 paper. Smoking used to drive a lot of hyperinsulinemia and cardiovascular disease, but smoking reduced in the 80’s which resulted in a reduction of the sub-clinical atherosclerosis as measured in random autopsy. But not for long – because we racked up the artery-burning hyperinsulinemia with more carbohydrate; pity that. Thus the decline in CAD turned around in 1994, feeling the effects of the disastrously incorrect dietary guidelines from 1980 onwards…

As calculated in this paper, ‘an overall decline in CAD grade between 1981 and 2009 was nonlinear and ended in 1994. Trends in obesity and diabetes contributed to the end of CAD decline”. Indeed.

Oh, and if you smoke, I’d suggest you give that up too – LCHF isn’t total magic you know… 🙂

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