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Fat Emperor Productions present: The KRAFT Interview – decoding diabetes.

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Dr. Joseph R. Kraft developed and validated the ultimate (and earliest) test for diabetes back in the 1970’s. His personal research and exceptional experience as a lifelong pathologist enabled him to link the majority of modern heart disease to undiagnosed diabetes. Kraft reached the age of 95 years in August 2015, just after myself and Dr. Jeffry Gerber conducted this interview. His legacy should be enormous – but it has gone unrecognised so far. Please share this free production as widely as possible in order to correct this rank injustice; you will also be helping the world to understand how Type 2 Diabetes can be PROPERLY diagnosed and resolved. With Kraft’s early diagnosis, and the emerging realisation that diabetes can be prevented through specific dietary means, we can save millions from unnecessary cardiac death.

Dr. Kraft’s book is absolutely required reading:

My intro slides here:

…and a written brief overview:

UPDATE 6th Feb 2016 – Portuguese and Spanish subtitles now available !

Update 31 March 2016 – some home truths in this intro vid:


Ivor Cummins BE(Chem) CEng MIEI
Jeffry Gerber M.D. FAAFP

Recorded in the Trump Tower Chicago on Canon and Nikon video equipment and Zoom digital sound rig.

Edited, subtitle and produced with PowerDirector 12.0 64 bit software.

An intro to Kraft’s incredible work (continued by Professor Grant Schofield and Catherine Croft in New Zealand): 

…and my interview with Dr. Kenneth Brookler on Kraft’s work and hypeinsulinemia drivers for tinnitus, Migraine and Meniere’s Disease etc. :

…and some relevant studies:

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