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Fat Emperor presents… Catherine Croft's great work on Kraft's Canon #insulin #diabetes #LCHF

Let’s hear it for Catherine who is near completing her PhD, which is based on the work of Dr. Joseph R. Kraft. What’s more, her supervisor is none other than the esteemed Professor Grant Schofield of NZ. Here she summarizes the phenomenal linkages between elevated Insulin and a dizzying range of chronic diseases. Here she explains some of how the modern medical world has disgracefully, shockingly underemphasized the crucial Insulin factor. For some reason they choose instead to prattle on about ‘cholesterol’ (a secondary, noisy factor, that needs to be discarded before damn near the whole world is diabetic). The ridiculous thing is that most ‘cholesterol’ issues…are driven by hyperinsulinemia in the first place. Please support her work by watching and commenting on this short video. Thank you. 

Full interview with Dr. Joseph R. Kraft here:

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