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TED Talk from Dr. Rangan Chatterjee: putting Insulin Resistance centre-stage!

Too busy for posts lately, but can’t miss this one. I first met Rangan in London last November at Darryl Edward’s “Health Unplugged” conference. He appeared out of nowhere, treating me to an enormous handshake – and also his trademark intense authenticity. This guy means everything he says – and he’s bang on the money to boot.

Hope you enjoy this excellent TED talk (his first) as much as I did. It’s so fulfilling to see the focus moving to genuine root cause resolution. Every doctor needs to view the world as Rangan does; attend to the causes – not the symptoms…! 🙂

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Note: just as a primer on the importance of Insulin Resistance status, see here what Gerald Reaven saw when he followed ~250 random 60-year-olds for around six years. He split them into low, medium and high Insulin Resistance tertiles up front – guess who got all the bad outcomes? Right:

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