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The #Diabetes Debacle Debate – Aseem Malhotra spars on BBC4 !

Aseem continues to charge forward. Diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance. Unlike Fat and Protein, humans have no essential requirement for Carbohydrates. The current advice for diabetics to eat copious quantities of ‘complex’ carbohydrates is a disgraceful sham. How can they have driven this failed anti-science strategy for decades? A quote from the great author Cormac McCarthy is very apt:

The debate can be played or downloaded from the following link – enjoy!  

The Truth about Diabetes Debate

“The Truth about Diabetes Debate: A one-off special panel discussion on one of the world’s most complex and devastating food issues: diabetes.

Presenter Anu Anand is joined by a panel of experts, food industry players and campaigners as they respond live to questions brought up by the documentaries and beyond. On social media, phone, email and live on-air, anyone can be part of the virtual audience for this interactive panel programme. From the role of fast food companies and the controversial sugar tax, to everyday advice on how to cope with the condition, the show will tackle a broad spectrum of diabetes-related issues and questions.”

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