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LDLp / ApoB – does it predict for healthy low-carbers ?

Had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ron Rosedale at ‪#‎lowcarbvail‬ , just after his spellbinding talk. There were a few questions I have particularly wanted to ask him. A key one: “does a high LDLp reading imply risk, for people who have achieved very good Insulin & Leptin signalling?”.

I personally don’t think so, from all the data I can get my hands on so far. The LDLp association with poor outcomes came from populations riddled with Insulin Resistance and other issues. More c…onfounded associational data, that helps keep the cholesterol terrorist alive. Also there seems to be a concerted effort out there to focus on ApoB, not the ApoB/ApoA1 ratio – which often tells a very different story. Sound familiar? We’ve been here before with LDLc versus Tot/HDL and Trig/HDL, right?

Anyway, back to the question: “does a high LDLp reading imply risk for ‘fixed’ humans. Ones with good lipid ratios, and excellent glucose/insulin control?”

Ron was unequivocal in his answer:


(he gave brief mechanistic explanation which I will be looking into further).

Thank you Ron – Iooking forward to your book !

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