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More LDLp / ApoB Fun – just another associational surrogate I’m afraid… #insulin

After talking to Ron I glanced through my archives. There’s lots there to show that ApoB has feet of clay. Does the ‘B’ in ApoB stand for ‘BS’ ? Here yet again we peek at the reality. Using ApoB for #LCHF people is sneaky shenanigans.
Note also the 120min postload Insulin data halfway down the table. A ‪#‎KRAFT‬ test would have identified the doomed quite nicely – quelle surprise. (note need to convert from pmol /ml to uIU/ml to smell the coffee).
‪#‎Insulin‬. ‪#‎Leptin‬. ‪#‎mTOR‬. NOT ‘‪#‎cholesterol‬‘.

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