Heart Disease Prevention & More – Widowmaker Full Q&A Session #LCHF

Complete edited Q&A footage recorded at the May 11th Dublin Cardiovascular Dublin event. The discussion was quite heated at times – and rightly so ! Watch us hit some home truths on Heart Disease, LCHF, Diabetes, The Food Pyramid, Statins, Fats, LCHF, Obesity, Diabetes, Vitamin D, A and K2, Sugar and the WHO – and much, much more ! As always, please support this free content by subscribing at www.thefatemperor.com/subscribe – for more free content as it becomes available.       “SHOW ME THE DATA !”

Context-setting talk:

Q&A Part 1/3 :

Q&A Part 2/3 :

Q&A Part 3/3 :

As we discuss above, Hyperinsulinemia is of enormous importance with respect to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Dr. Joseph R Kraft made huge scientific findings with profound insight – all the way back in the 1970’s. It is a disgrace that his discoveries have also been supressed, partly due to the ridiculous ‘cholesterol’ beliefs:

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