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Prof Tim Noakes at Foodloose Iceland – Driving The Revolution #LCHF #Diabetes

Super to catch up with Prof Tim Noakes, following his excellent talk at the Foodloose event. Here we discuss the challenges of LCHF leadership, and how to stem the tide of Diabesity. This will only be achieved through the appliance of correct nutritional science. But how does one overturn the many misled professions? Recorded at the May 2016 Foodloose Iceland event (Harpa Conference Centre, Reykjavik).

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As we discuss above, Hyperinsulinemia is of enormous importance with respect to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Dr. Joseph R Kraft made huge scientific findings with profound insight – all the way back in the 1970’s. It is a disgrace that his discoveries have also been supressed, partly due to the ridiculous ‘cholesterol’ beliefs:

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